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Relationship Bundle Summer 2024

Information to Apply as a Contributor

A Digital Product Bundle is a joint venture between a group of online business owners. By Working together to increase each other’s visibility we also increase our own visibility. 

The Relationship Bundle is a collection of resources from coaches and experts. Inside this exclusive bundle, you’ll find tools created for real adults who are doing their best to live their magnificently imperfect lives all around the many relationships we have and even the relationships that we crave.  

The bundle is full of valuable tools that will help them improve their quality of life, reduce stress and create more joy. This will be a free bundle that recipients can register for, in exchange for their name and email address. 

What Type of Consumer is The Relationship Bundle designed for?

There are a lot of relationships that are possible for adults. They all have lots of space for different issues and solutions. The search for friends, romantic partners and just simple social connection is a huge part of the human experience. 

Relationships can be complex. Finding partners, creating the relationship and also sometimes the process of ending the relationship. TThat’s a group that includes a lot of different types of people and I think that’s part of why this bundle might be so popular.  

The collaborators who are perfect for this collaboration support adults who are looking for support in relationshipping. That’s not a real word but it’s also something we all do all day long.

The tools contributed by coaches and creators for the bundle can be anything that relates to support in relationships. 

Why a FREE Bundle?

This bundle is for people not businesses. I want to make this accessible for any person, regardless of their budget for education or resources. This bundle will help our audiences learn about coaches and experts who are in the business of supporting people like them without making a financial  investment.

When is the Art of Imperfect Adulting Bundle available?

The promotion period for the bundle will be for one week only June 4-8, 2024.  All resources must be available for download  for subscribers through the month of June.

How does this bundle thing work?

The Relationship Bundle will be promoted on an opt in landing page that requests their Name + Email. Amy, the bundle organizer, will create this page. 

That’s me, Amy. I am the organizer. I’m inviting you to be a contributor. 

All contributors will direct promotions to the registration landing page. 

When people join the bundle by providing their name and email address, they will access the main bundle page.  This page has mockups, descriptions and information about each contributed resource in the bundle. Each resource will have a button to click that will lead to your sales page on your website where the client can claim the free resource that has been contributed. The bundle recipient can complete their information for the free resource and join your email list. This is how participating in a bundle helps you to grow your email list.

One of the top questions from past bundles was about whether contributors could offer a trip wire. The answer is yes. 

Contributors to not get automatic access to the email list of everyone who signs up for the  The Relationship Bundle (due to privacy laws). They have to opt-in to your free resource. You will get  the email address of everyone who signs up for your particular free resource from your landing page (so let’s make it a good one!). You can have an upsell tripwire page after your free offer.

Why should you contribute to the Art of Imperfect Adulting Bundle?

The biggest reason to join the Art of Imperfect Adulting Bundle is to increase your visibility to new potential clients and grow your email list. We will have the combined opportunity to reach a massive audience with the bundle offer. 

The perfect bundle contributor has a digital product ready to offer to prospective clients and an email list and social media presence for promotion. You will need an online presence with a sales page and you will also need a way to generate a coupon code because the contributions in the bundle need to be able to be claimed for free. As a note…the product should not be an appointment or session.


Once your application is received, I’ll be in touch with next steps.

Can’t wait to collaborate with you!