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About Us

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The Art of Imperfect Adulting is a new project in 2024 by Amy Stone and Amy Says So.

Amy is a coach, author and speaker.

Her first project was coaching stepparents. This is a project based on her experience as a stepparent.

For years while supporting stepparents she was asked to create a community and/ or a group coaching program. But deep down she felt like being a stepparent was just a part of her life. So was being a mom, a wife, a runner. These were all parts of the package. She knew that as a stepmom she hadn’t actually wanted to join or be included in a group that was only made up of other stepmoms…I mean that is pretty great but she wanted to find a place where her role as stepmom was not the only focus.

As she built Amy Says So, she heard this from other adults who did not see themselves in the “standard” family model. Maybe they were divorced parents, single parents, empty nesters, adoptive parents or parents of a child who didn’t match the instagram-worthy image of a perfect kid. Sometimes on paper they were in a “traditional” family but they still felt like they didn’t measure up to the invisible standards of adulting.

This seemed weird to Amy that all of these adults felt like outsiders from a mythical land of “normal” because she suspected that if she added them all up it was the majority of people.

Over time the idea for a community/publication that was created by and for all the imperfect adults took shape… and here we are.

This is not a place where “experts” will share how we should change to be like something we aren’t but a place where inspiration, experience and sometimes tools are offered all while honoring each families unique situation.

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