The Art of Imperfect Adulting

Have you ever found yourself looking for an adultier adult to help you out?

I bet …that you have.

Adulting sometimes feels hard.

I think it’s weird that nobody really teaches us how to do it until we’re already in the process of actually doing it. Then I think it’s doubly weird that if and when we are pushed to the point where we admit that we don’t know what we are supposed to be doing … sometimes we’re shamed by other adults (well geez … you. should’ve known).

In the spirit of be the change you wish to see in the world … the idea for Imperfect Adulting arrived.

Here is where you will find all things dedicated to real life…which is beautifully imperfect…and hopefully full of joy and adventure.

This is a new project but what I’m working on is a series of specific digital product bundles, a virtual summit, a magazine style newsletter, and a subscription membership focused on positive self-development.

All of this for adults who are interested in self-improvement but not in a “Pinterest perfect” or “IG influencer” kind of way. Because, that’s not possible (at least not in my experience). This constant push that we should all be perfect people all the time is just simply exhausting. Sitting around and just talking about how exhausting it is isn’t helpful, either.

The Art of Imperfect Adulting is designed to add joy to your life as an adult. Not just joy but also support and community.

With one other very specific difference from some other publications. Here at Imperfect Adulting we think that the best teachers are not people who study how to do things (experts) and not people who are professional writers or teachers (those are great and they have their place). We believe that the best people to learn from are the people who are actually doing the things or have done the things in real life that they share. This is a small shift but it makes a big difference. It’s the difference between knowing how to fly the plane because you have done it versus knowing how to flying the plane because you read about it.

Tools, support and community from other adults who create things to help others.

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