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The Summer 2024 Relationship Bundle Has Ended

The sign up period for the Relationship Bundle has ended.

You can get on the waiting list for our next project here.

This bundle has ended. Stay tuned for future offerings.

Unlock the Secrets to Lasting Love

One-Eighty: Managing and Avoiding Power Struggles with your Aging Parents

10 Mindset Hacks for Online Dating Success

If I Go Missing

Roadmap to Relationship Success for singles and couples + Individual Love Consultation

Unlocking Peace: A guide to overcoming anxiety through healthy habits

Your Circle: Building and Maintaining A Success Support System

Radically Easy Relationship Convos

Mastering Your Mismatched Sex Drives Workshop

Designing Relationship Dynamics – 5 Steps to explore.

Spilling The Tea – An After-Date Discovery Workbook

The Breakup Bounce Back

Revitalize Your Libido

Married to Addiction’s 30-day Devotional Ebook

Rekindle Your Connection – 10 Activities and 25 Questions to Deepen Your Relationship.

An Empowered You : How to stop beating yourself up and start cheering yourself on.

Don’t Lose; Infuse ~ presentation & ‘work’sheets

Communication Cheat Sheet: 30 Practical Tips To Improve Communication with Your Partner

Setting Boundaries Like a Badass Workbook

How to Fiind Lasting Love Workshop Series.

Boundaries Course For Stepparents

A Workbook for Couple’s Communication

How can all this be free?

This is a great question. It might seem a little bit crazy but this is a simple joint venture between similar businesses working together to promote each other. Think of it like a coupon package you would get in the mail except it’s online. In full transparency if you love a free product in this package you might in the future want to become a client.

Does everybody get my email list?

Nope. When you register you are providing your email to the host (amysaysso) but you select one-by-one which other vendors get your email address. All of us should have ways for you to opt out at your convenience.

What if I have questions or issues?

You just ask. You’ll get an email when you sign up and you can easily reply with any questions you have. Of course, you can unsubscribe whenever you like.

What happens after I sign up?

After you are signed up with your first name and email you are directed to a gift page where you can choose which of the products interests you. You select them one by one. You will also receive an email from the host of the bundle with information on how to collect your gifts.

How long do I have to take advantage of this amazing offer?

The sign up page is only open for one week. The gift page is open for one month for those who register.