The Village

In building this business concept Amy recently surveyed over 1000 adults. To be fair this is not actually a huge sample size.

She asked about satisfaction in a whole variety of areas of life and I got a wide variety of responses. One thing was consistent which is that 100% of the people who responded said that they feel like their social connections had been disrupted in the past several years.
Now, I'm not gonna say that this was a perfect survey but I asked this question in the survey in a few different ways. Each time it got 100% of the same answer. That feels like it's ... something. People feel like connections have been disrupted. 

It Takes A Village...

It Takes A Village was the title of a slightly bossy book in the mid 1990s. The phrase claims origin as an African proverb. American Historian, Ann Douglas expanded this idea to say, "If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to support that child’s parent."

Parenting gets an outsized amount of emphasis when it comes to adulthood. This can be a bit of a problem because it leaves out people who don't fit into that description. This includes stepparents and also people who aren't parents. It's a huge group. 

So in the spirit of be the change that you want to see in the world (thanks Ghandi) what if the idea behind the village is applied to all adults. It takes a village to support thriving adults. 

There are many jokes about "the village." Like, when does it show up or is there a number I can call to find this village that is supposed to help me. These are all funny because that is often how it feels. 

The Imperfect Adulting Village

This is a self-development community that I am building. The building blocks of this concept include:

  • the best teachers are often those who have life experience. 
  • we all begin as beginners.
  • it's never too late to try something new.
  • connection is important for happiness.
  • self-help tools and strategies can be very helpful.

Online & In Real Life

Online connections create the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals without the limitation of geography. It's amazing and wondrous. 

In Real Life (IRL) Connections allow for experiences and adventures that are immeasurably valuable. 

One of the ideas behind Imperfect Adulting is to encourage both. This is choosing AND instead of OR.

Talking on zoom about scuba diving and watching videos about scuba diving is not the same as experiencing scuba diving with a group. And also ... not everybody wants to actually scuba dive. For some people the entertainment of watching a video from underwater is the complete package but they may enjoy lively in person conversation about historical romance novels. 

What does it mean that there will be both? It means that each month there will be online activities where you can participate and connect remotely. And that monthly there will be invitations to opportunities to connect IRL. 

Here when you need it ... and you get to decide

This is a subscription product. You sign up and you pay month-by-month. When you decide that you no longer want it you can unsubscribe. If you change your mind you can come back again later. 

Now listen...there might occasionally be some pricing changes or incentive offers to subscribe for a specific term. BUT these are not designed to be penalties or trap you into something you don't want. 

Curated content and connection opportunities

One of the pet peeves that I have had as a member of coaching communities is crowd-sourced content. I have strong opinions about this. I don't like putting community participants "on the spot." I don't like that you never know what is going to happen. It's like tuning in to the nightly news and the annoucer says, well folks what would you like to hear about today? Then one person in the crowd says, potatoes and so the announcer talks for 45 minutes about potatoes. It's fabulous for improv skits...imperfect for self help. 

The village is not crowd-sourced content. While we assertively source feedback and commentary from the community the topics and materials are pre-planned and produced for the membership. Interactive sessions are educational, fun and designed to create connection opportunities for the members. 

The Price is "Right"

You honestly aren't even going to believe how affordable this offer is.

This should be the easiest decision that you make each month. 

Join the email list below to be sure to get more information as this concept grows. I personally think it's gonna be great. 

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